Interesting things of Wedding People want to know

There are  interesting things of wedding people want to know. Sometimes some people want to know  interesting things of wedding. The wedding is interesting things for human life.  Most of the couple of the world are feeling very much excited and put their sweat to make their wedding unique from others. They put huge patience for their golden big day.  By reading  the following points you will know some interesting things on wedding.

1. Per Day Wedding.

2. Per Year Wedding In USA.

3. Wedding Industry In USA.

4. Bridal wear Market.

5. Median Age for Marriage.

6. Second Marriage Age.

7. Wedding Month.

8. Wedding Decision.

9.Engagement Duration.

10. Wedding Expenditure.

11. Bridal`s Choice.

12. Bridal Gown.

13. Bridal Gown Cost.

14. Amount Spent on Wedding.

15. Wedding cost by categories.

16. Honeymoon Cost.

17. Length of Honeymoon Period.

18. Honeymoon Locations.

19. Honeymoon Items Need to Purchase.

20. Transportation Used in Honeymoon.

21. Honeymoon Activities.

21 Interesting Things of wedding:

Per Day Wedding: It is estimated that average 1.5 Million wedding is performed all over the world.

Per Year Wedding In USA: It is estimated the average 2.4 Million wedding is performed in USA.

Wedding Industry In USA: The wedding industry in USA generated 60 Billion per years excluding honeymoon expenditure.

Bridal wear Market: Luxury clothing market is 334 Billion whereas bridal wear market is 57 Billion.

Median Age for Marriage: 25 years is for bride and 27 years is for groom.

Second Marriage Age: 35 year for bride and 38 years for groom.

Wedding Month: Wedding has all the year round. But June to December is the most popular for wedding. January to May is the dull for wedding.

Wedding Decision: Earlier typical engaged woman lives at home and had their wedding planned by parents within the age 21. But now the bride is going too older and mostly happen their wedding by themselves by spending money by themselves.

Engagement Duration: The average engagement of wedding is 15 months.

Wedding Expenditure: Almost 70% expenditure is bear by groom and 30% by bride or her parents.

Bridal`s Choice: During wedding planning brides put their highest priority to them on clothing.

Bridal Gown: At least 3-4 month need for bridals gown produced.

Bridal Gown Cost: The average cost of bridal gown cost is around $800.00 which my vary case to case.

Amount Spent on Wedding: Average $22,000 is spent for USA wedding.

Wedding cost by categories: It is estimated that the cost 28% for reception, 15% for consultant 12%  for wedding ring, 7% for photograph/Video, 6%  bridal gown,5%  music, 4%  flowers, 5% for bridals attendant clothing, 4% for dinner, 3% for groom formal wear, 3% for invitation, 2% for attendants gifts, 2% for bridal`s veil, 1 % for clergy and ceremony fees, 1% for Limousine  and 1% for groom`s clothing.

Honeymoon Cost: It is estimated that couples are spending average $4,000 for their honeymoon.

Length of Honeymoon Period: The length of honeymoon period is 9 days.

Honeymoon Locations: 63% honeymoon is in abroad and 37% in local.

Honeymoon Items Need to Purchase: Wardrobe, Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Luggage, Video Camera, Sports gear & equipment.

Transportation Used in Honeymoon: Airplane, Rental Car, Ship/Boat, Rail/road.

Honeymoon Activities: Visiting new attractive place, going to touch of the fresh nature, visiting wonderful restaurants, beaches, Lakes, Sports location.

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