Wedding Theme Trend 2021

The wedding theme trend 2021  is incredibly much significant with what the entire wedding is centered on. Hope you and your partner are planning for your dream wedding. The wedding theme trend 2021 is the element that makes your wedding unique style from others. Your selected wedding theme trend will facilitate you to settle on everything from the venue to the menu. Your study of following wedding theme trends will help to settle on out your best them for your big day.

The wedding theme trend 2021:

  1. Romantic Garden Theme.
  2. Woodland Creatures Theme.
  3. Vintage Travel Theme.
  4. Trip to the Tropics Theme.
  5. Lights, Camera, Action Theme.
  6. Berry Sweet Theme.
  7. Spirit of Adventure Theme.
  8. Cherry Blossoms Theme.
  9.  Seaside Celebration Theme.
  10. Western United States Theme.
  11. Lord of the Rings Theme.
  12. Farm-Fresh Celebration Theme.
  13. Midcentury Modern Theme.
  14. Bright Sunflowers Theme.
  15. Sailor Moon Theme.
  16. Ancient Greece Theme.
  17. Magical Forest Theme.
  18. Jane Austen Theme.
  19. Written within the Stars Theme.
  20. Back to School Theme.

Romantic Garden Theme: If you’ve got the Eco-friend romantic garden mind, then you’ll choose the romantic garden theme. It’ll be a great outdoor wedding where the bride will wear a dress embellished with lacy flowers and the groom will wear a flower boutonniere.

Woodland Creatures Theme: It’s a fun rustic wedding idea which couples are choosing. You’ll fill your wedding with limb table runners that are surrounded by moss and wildflowers.

Vintage Travel Theme: Vintage Travel theme is antique suitcases and globes decor choice theme which is popular. you may have a vintage suitcase shape cake which is prepared to feature extra value of your wedding.

Trip to the Tropics Theme: By decorating your wedding with tropical flowers and palm trees you’ll be ready to take your guest on a tropical vacation. You’ll use the brilliant, bold colors in your wedding decor and your cake.

Lights, Camera, Action Theme: If you’re a film-loving couple then this theme is true for you. A movie is a correct venue for you. Your wedding and reception are visiting be held before of film screen. many sunshine, camera, and action are there.

Berry Sweet Theme: It’s a sweet summer wedding theme idea. You can fill the centerpieces with complementary colors. For dessert, serve pies during an outsizes selection of berry flavors, and decorate your cake with berries.

Spirit of Adventure Theme: This adventurous couple showed their love of travel in every aspect of their wedding. They used antique suitcases and globes in their decor, which that they’d postcards in their centerpieces. Plus, they’d guests throw paper airplanes during the recessional.

Cherry Blossoms Theme: A cherry blossom themed wedding is additionally a horny spring wedding idea. You can use these pink and white flowers the centerpieces and cake with delicate blossomsyou’ll be able to even weave cherry blossoms into your bouquet and use them in your hairpiece.

Seaside Celebration Theme: To match their seaside venue, this couple chose to possess an ocean theme at their wedding. You have creative driftwood place cards and used a surfboard as your guest book.

Western United States Theme: Bring a Wild West to feel to your wedding by using hay bales as seating, cowboy hats because of the underside of your centerpieces, and a buffet made with rustic barrels. For your house cards, try attaching the cards to metal horseshoes.

Lord of the Rings Theme: This couple found many creative ways to include their “Lord of the Rings” theme into their wedding. You can include maps of Middle Earth in your centerpieces, which you topped your cake with the famous White Tree of Gondor. Plus, the bride wore a surprising elf-like headband.

Farm-Fresh Celebration Theme: If you’re an animal lover, a farm-themed wedding would be an honest choice for you. You can take inspiration from that couple, who had their ceremony and reception at a farm.

Midcentury Modern Theme: It is a theme of the midcentury modern wedding. If you like this theme then bring this theme style in your wedding feature.

Bright Sunflowers Theme: A sunflower theme could also be a bright, cheerful summer wedding idea.  You will be able to have your bride wear dresses with sunflower design and offer packets of sunflower seeds.

Sailor Moon Theme: Don’t be afraid to pair two themes together, as this couple did with their unique “Sailor Moon” and movement wedding. The bride and her bridesmaids carried “Sailor Moon” style wands rather than bouquets, which included symbols from the show on all their signs and place cards.

Ancient Greece Theme: With some gold and white details, you’ll make your guests desire they’ve gone all the way back to Ancient Greece. For your bridal ensemble, consider wearing a foil headband and carrying a bouquet with white flowers. Bring your theme into your tablespace by using white plates with gold accents and decorating with marble head busts and vases.

Magical Forest Theme: For an original wedding theme idea, try using your favorite movie as your theme. Some Couples are choosing the magical forest for their wedding.

Jane Austen Theme: Jane Austen’s iconic novels are an exquisitely romantic wedding theme idea. Include style of your favorite writer quotes on your wedding signs, and use her novels as a part of your wedding decor. For the color scheme, select a classic regency blue and white.

Written within the Stars Theme: Fill your wedding with celestial details, quite a photograph booth with an intergalactic backdrop, menus with a star pattern, and moon-shaped place cards.

Back to School Theme: Take your guests back to high school with a classroom-themed wedding. Use chalkboards to display your table numbers, and fix your home cards to number two pencils.

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