Wedding Trends 2021

Most of the time wedding people are searching for the wedding Trends 2021. As you know that marriage is one of the most significant events of human life. Through marriage, couples are going to start a new journey which is most important for his life. If you are planning for a wedding in 2021 then you need to know the wedding trends for this year. Maybe you have set the season, date, venue, size of the wedding party. Now you are planning for knowing the wedding trend. The newest wedding trends are rolling out with the new year. You can put your eye on the following to make a decision on which one is good for you from food to guest experiences. You will get an idea and put your own twist on these trends to inspire your perfect wedding.

  • Micro weddings: One of the top wedding trends is the Micro wedding. It is super affordable, eco-friendly, and significantly less stressful to plan for couples. If you are looking for intimate, affordable, then you can plan for micro weddings. Here couples like simplicity and feeling more connected with their guests and it is a relaxed atmosphere.


  • A whole new level of fashion: It is a “more is more” wedding fashion approach. This is a new addition of ball gowns, bright colors, layers of textures, edgy jumpsuits, and funky shoes. The lace, bows, sequins, rhinestones, pearls, and feathers are the focus here. They`re on dresses matching couples’ jackets, capes, shawls, veils, and on the newly trending hair accessory. You can say it is an expensive wedding theme.


  • Upcycling for green vibes: As you know this is the age of uncycled wedding. Couples are very much sense for environmental sustainability and they are sourcing locally grown flowers, composting leftover food and repurposing decor, and eliminating tossed goods. This is the eco-friendlier trend where couples are getting creative and using alternative materials like upcycled fabric, leather, wood, and reset family stone and rings. Due to upcycling, you can get it as less expensive and budget-friendly themes trends.


  • Cheers to self –Service: Couples love this trend because it provides their guest with hands-on culinary experience and photo-worthy moments. Let it do your guest yourself drink what they want. Your guest will enjoy and you will see their cordial expression. So, if you want you can choose this trend for 2021.


  • All of the Lights: No wedding theme can be imagined without lighting. LED and modern tube lighting have extended this all of the light’s wedding trends. Here couples are bringing huge lighting from their own source. The various lighting like- String lights, candles, and lanterns make a different style and your guest will enjoy it. So, if you want then you can choose this all of the trends of the light.


  • Cheese in the new cake: Couples are dumping the dessert tables for displays their meats, various cheese, crackers, fruits, and nuts. The rise of Insta-worthy Charcuterie boards has inspired a new savory wedding trend and couples are loving this trend due to new ideas. This is less expensive and you can offer late-night snacks for your guest.


  • Edible Flowers everywhere: The couple who has the softness on flowers are choosing this edible flower trend. It is a different idea to use the floral element in ways that include everywhere. Couple use flowers frozen in ice cubes, infused in drinks, tossed in salads, and on top of the desserts. As this is affordable so the couple can think about it.


  • Registry remix: It is a new idea of wedding trends which couple is planning, a lot of couples are creating a charity registry and guest can donate to a cause that means something to them. They`re experiencing as wedding gifts.


  • Grandmillenial Décor: It is a lot of fun, bold wedding trends, décor elements include eclectic twists on antique furniture, funky floral wallpaper, and mix and match patterns which grandma inspired on Millennial style. Here the couple is playing with various textures like wood and metallic accents – greens, branches, and grasses spray painted for dramatic hanging pieces.


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