Interesting Lingerie Facts May Blow Your Beautiful Mind

Lingerie facts may blow your beautiful mind. The word lingerie itself is interesting. Lingerie facts indicate something different from others. Wearing nice quality lingerie can provide a beautiful feeling. Finding beautiful lingerie is not easy and it is lingerie facts. Because it has a fitting issue, size issue, fabric hand feels issue and fabric quality issue. There are many fancy fabric and accessories which make the lingerie exclusive. Lingerie plays a fun part in the life of a woman because it has more powerful control and beauty facts in their life. So, here are some wonderful facts about lingerie that may blow your beautiful mind for sure.

  • It is estimated that the average American woman keeps approximately 21 pairs of lingerie and 10% of women have almost 35 pairs.
  • It is said that the average woman wears 6 different size bras during her life. As you know bra size changes with age and weight.
  • According to lingerie experts, the expiry date of the most bra is 6 months. Though some woman uses their lingerie for more than 6 months.
  • Most of the women don’t know ill-fitting lingerie can cause various health issues such as sagging breasts, neck and back pain, etc.
  • The common size of the cup of lingerie is 34C and the largest size of the cup is K.
  • The woman average size 5′ 4″ and weight is 135 pounds.
  • Normally, the U.K and the USA sell the maximum number of the largest bra cup sizes whereas Japan sells the maximum number of smallest bra cup sizes.
  • Lingerie is for sensual and it is the most popular product sold on sensual shops.
  • According to the tendency, specialists observe, a woman who wears a panty is typically a woman who feels more confident. She may more relaxed and eager to try different and creative situations.
  • All of you may know that in Italy, women celebrate New Year’s by wearing red color lingerie because it is well-thought-out lucky.
  • We know that Underwear comes first that is from the cradle.
  • You may know that the men’s briefs were invented in 1935.
  • It is interesting that the maximum Lingerie models working for Victoria’s Secret. They have been paid nearly $5 million a year
  • You may know that the international lingerie brand Triumph is the first brand in the world. They made lingerie commercially available for women.
  • Triumph introduced shapewear by using touch cool fabric which can reduce body temperature.
  • According to a study 37% of woman like to wear bikini 23% like to wear a brief 19% like to wear G-String and 10% like to wear other styles like a thong, knicker, and 7% like to wear no underwear at all.
  • These are somewhat wonderful that the most preferred lingerie color is Purple, blue, and lilac. It is also interesting that white and black color lingerie is the highest-selling lingerie in the world.
  • Currently, China is the world`s fastest-growing lingerie marketplace for the seller.

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